General Bridge Info


Our custom bridge line is characterized by two main features, attention to detail and sound suppleness. Our main purpose is to offer alternative solutions for different electric guitars having in mind that the meaning of “best” sometimes subjectively is just “alternative”. We have worked with several different types of materials and manufacturing techniques for several years and we have ended up with 3 different alloys that cover a wide range of sound colour.

Alloys and methods we use


Even the best custom strat bridges don’t use something more than 1018 steel. 1018 is relatively a soft steel. What we use is 1060 annealed cold rolled steel! This is about 2 times stiffer than 1018 giving much better response. Annealing also comes to relieve the internal stress caused by cold rolling process giving the metal a more homogenous structure.

Cold rolled annealed non leaded 1060 steel

Strat : block, top plate
Tele : plate
Les Paul : bridge-saddles

Non leaded 1018 steel

Strat : saddles
Tele : saddles


We are proud to be the only company which succeeded to have a functional stratocaster bridge made of aluminium. What we use is 7075 annealed aluminium (high aircraft grade aluminium). For the same reason as in our steel bridges we use annealing in the process.

Annealed aluminium 7075

Strat : block-top plate
Tele : plate
Les Paul : bridge-saddles

Annealed aluminium 2000

Strat : saddles
Tele : saddles


Brass is a metal that can be easily used in casting. Many problems can be caused by casting which we solved the hard way, meaning that we choose to make all of our bridges from a billet of brass (even the saddles) for not compromising any of the sound quality this metal can give.

Brass ms58

Strat : block-top, plate-saddles
Tele : plate-saddles
Les Paul : bridge, saddles